Your Listing Presentation is Dead in the Water If You’re Not Doing This

You don’t get many opportunities to convince sellers that you are the real estate agent they should hire.


You don’t get many opportunities to convince sellers that you are the real estate agent they should hire. According to the National Association of Realtors, sellers are primarily looking for a real estate agent who can help them market their home to the most potential buyers. Your listing presentation therefore, should aim to prove that you are the agent who is the best fit to market their home.

Did you know 75% of buyers use social media as part of their purchasing process? Social media is a serious and incredibly powerful marketing tool. Your listing presentation needs to demonstrate that you have a considered and effective social media strategy, and one that sets you apart and makes the difference when it comes to selling a home.  Here’s how to win way more listing presentations using social media:

1. Make It About The Seller

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Your social media pages are yours but, in the context of a listing presentation, they are resources you are putting at the client’s disposal. Don’t just talk about your Facebook friends and followers; explain how they are people to whom you can show the seller’s listing. Don’t talk about engagement; explain how clicks and shares are signs that you can market the seller’s home effectively.

2. Emphasize Blasting and Your Other Unique Abilities

As Christine Groves explained in Chicago Agent Magazine, the listing presentation is about setting yourself apart from all other agents. As an example, CityBlast agents can Blast their listings to the walls of other agents in their area, thereby reaching far more potential buyers than any agent acting alone. Because it is a unique patented process available only to CityBlast agents, Blasting is a social media advantage you would want to highlight in your listing plan.  Showcasing this unique ability allows you to demonstrate way more value to clients, and separates you from the crowd.

3. Use Recent Statistics

One of the benefits of social media is that you can measure how your content performs. Use this information to make your listing presentation more compelling. Show sellers your social reach and the interactions – clicks, likes, shares, comments – that your posts generate. CityBlast measures all of this for you and displays your statistics in your dashboard.

Dashboard Statistics

Likewise, if you have previously Blasted listings, you can use CityBlast’s statistics to demonstrate the effectiveness of Blasting. These figures are more compelling than abstract claims like “I have a strong social media presence.” Always ensure that you are using the most recent statistics possible. Such figures are more helpful and show that you have taken the time to update your listing presentation. As the publishers of Real Estate Magazine put it:

Clients are not concerned with what the market did a year or two ago, unless it is in comparison today. They want to know what the market looks like currently, and even where it appears to be headed. … And most importantly, this data needs to be accurate.

4. Put Your Statistics in Context

Sellers should not be expected to understand what reaching 800 people on Facebook means for them. That’s why you should always provide the context for your data. Try doing this by showing how your statistics compare with an average user.  As Catherine Carr of Haiku Deck says:

Personalize your data to demonstrate your own track record–for example, how many sales you have closed compared to local and national averages.

5. Show That You Have A Plan

According to Realtor Magazine, “failing to explain your systems” is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a listing presentation. Sellers want to know that you have a plan to sell their home. That’s why preparation is so important. With a plan in place or a Social Expert managing your accounts, you’ll be able to explain how you regularly use social media and persuade sellers that you are ready to start marketing their home from day one.

Wrapping It All Up

Having an effective social media strategy in place is a great way of proving to sellers that you are the agent who will market their house effectively. By focusing on the seller, your unique abilities, contextualized statistics, and having a social media plan in place, you can make the most of your listing presentation. If you need more advice for your listing presentation, CityBlast has you covered.

Do you want social media superpowers but need expert help, why not get in touch with one of CityBlast’s real estate Social Experts? Our specialist team will ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are regularly updated with premium content and provide you with up-to-date statistics. Click here to get started on your 14-day FREE trial!

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