Why Fanpage Connect Is An Essential Marketing Tool For Your Real Estate Business


The world of social media is rapidly emerging as one of the most effective marketing andadvertising tools that modern business has ever seen. While establishing a presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is incredibly important, company blogs are also a great way to connect with your customers and offer them even more value right on your website doorstep.

A recent article from Social Media Today explores the importance of blogs as a marketing tool with author Sean Royer explaining, “Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to form a connection with prospects and customers.They can review your content at their leisure and then contextualize it to their individual situation. It’s simple: content plus context equals connection. It is important that you remember this equation.”

While it is ideal to keep Facebook fan pages and blogs regularly updated, the reality is that the process can be time consuming and difficult to upkeep. Step forwards Fanpage Connect. Fanpage Connect offer a brilliant solution to this problem and allows businesses to create, host and manage your Facebook Fan Page using WordPress. Use Fanpage Connect in conjunction with CityBlast and all of your social media AND your blog can be updated without lifting a finger. With simultaneous Facebook and blog post updates, your news will travel further than ever, faster than ever before.

As well as the convenience of synchronized Facebook/blog post updates, Fanpage Connect has an array of other great perks that will be hugely beneficial for your business. So what are the best things about the pioneering plug-in? Read on to find out!

It’s easy to create

Fanpage Connect lets users launch a fan page tab in just a few simple clicks of the mouse. There is no coding needed which means even the most technologically challenged of realtors can reap the benefits.

It helps build viral traffic

The built in Karma Blocks function allows users to hold hidden content which can only be unlocked by the initiation of visitor interaction.  By prompting fans to comment, share or post about your business you are essentially harnessing a free form of viral marketing.

It expands your contact list

Fanpage Connect offers visitors an easy one click opt-in option which gives you permission to pull visitor names and email addresses directly from Facebook accounts.

It helps convert visitors into fans

Using Fanpage Connect offers businesses an effective way to turn visitors into fans through the use of three simple fan gate styles. Users can offer visitors teaser content which can be accessed by a like, redirect visitors to a new page after receiving the like or overlay the content with a subtle LightBox Gate that can be removed by a like. Whichever you choose, Fanpage Connect offers curious visitors no other option but to like your page!

The WordPress plug-in is already being utilized by thousands of business savvy users who are seeing incredible results thanks to the innovative technology.

Robert P says “You guys have done a fabulous job on this plugin. TRAFFIC!!! Excited by the good, targeted traffic now. Happy to finally have a solution that works. I’m using it for my clients and people love it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Wrapping It All Up

CityBlast clients have a huge amount to gain from Fanpage Connect. When a social media post goes live on your Facebook account, the message will instantaneously appear on your blog. This makes it a quick, easy and efficient method of keeping your online presence well and truly thriving.

Why wait any longer? Install Fanpage Connect today and watch your fan page traffic skyrocket! The potential for CityBlast to simultaneously manage your Facebook and blog posts will also ensure that your customers are given complete access to your updates, regardless of whether they are using social media or visiting your website directly.

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