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Have you seen Tips and Guides for Clients in the content settings and wondered what exactly this category offers? De-selecting this category would be a BIG mistake, read on to find out why:

When you select Tips and Guides for Clients you are indicating to your social media expert that you would like to position yourself as the industry expert for your online network. These articles are focused around tips for buying and selling. For example, providing articles on “10 tips to get your house ready to sell,” “What to know if you’re ready to buy a home” or “Where to spend money to increase your home’s value”. This category offers up your real estate expertise to potential clients and provides digestible, informative articles to make the home buyer or seller feel more empowered and informed.

How do you become an industry expert through sharing valuable content? This kind of information is exactly the type of free content that homebuyers are seeking in the research stage of the purchasing cycle and will greatly appreciate having it “delivered to their doorstep” online. You will become the “go to” real estate agent for important information homebuyers are seeking when looking to purchase a home. This builds customer loyalty and trust, which will result in more clients interested in working with you. By selecting this category it will help to position you as an expert real estate agent who is both knowledgable and helpful that potential customers will remember this when making a realtor decision.

Are you interested in positioning yourself as a leading industry expert? Then hurry up and select the category Tips and Guides for Clients!

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