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Don’t think Architecture and Design is the kind of content you want included in your social media marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out why that’s a bad move for your business.

When you select Architecture and Design you are indicating to your social media expert that you want to increase your website traffic. This category often highlights some of the greatest architecture around the world, as well as modern architecture for homes. There is also an emphasis on groundbreaking furniture design and cool new home products.

With articles sourced from industry publications such as Dwell, Architect Magazine, and Arch Daily (to name a few), your expert will enhance the article with a status update that is aimed at capturing the attention of your online network and encourages them to click through to the content you have shared.

How does this help you and increase your leads? These articles provide visual appeal to your audience, which almost always results in higher fan engagement. Higher fan engagement equals more likes, shares, comments and link click through rates. These results will showcase your business to a wider audience and drive traffic to your website and/or landing page. As well, many homebuyers are interested in a specific architecture and design concept for their home. So, when you showcase different articles in these categories it will help the homebuyer define what they are looking for and potentially turn to you for property inquires matching an article your social media expert has posted.

Do you want to increase your website traffic and ultimately convert more fans into leads? Head over to your CityBlast settings and click on Architecture and Design now!

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