Upgrade Your Skillset By Learning Faster

True leadership is about always learning.

Everyone’s learning curve is different, but how steep is yours?

While we might not be able to master a new language and play an instrument in a day or two, there are always ways to speed up the process of retaining information by asking yourself a few simple things.

Whether it’s for personal development or to take your business to the next level, adding new information to your repertoire is always a good idea. Author Tim Ferriss breaks down how he learned to play the drums in just 2 weeks for Inc.com.

He details why it’s always important to:

  • Figure out what pieces of information you may not need
  • Compartmentalize the task and put the steps in order
  • Practice in a similar environment

It might take longer than a few days or weeks to master what you’re hoping to learn, but reflecting in this way will help make it that much easier.

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