5 Secret Steps To Convince Sellers To Act In A Turning Market

Have a plan, no matter the market.

Real estate is a unique industry to work in due to the fact that it is constantly turning.

The main area where a lot of Realtors® struggle is adjusting to that constant turning market. The best agents don’t use one single strategy all year round, they adapt to the market and have a plan for every different scenario. One instance where this may seem particularly tricky is when the market is turning downward.

Convince clients you’re an expert at handling situations just like this.

The truth is, clients don’t know the market, as well as Realtors®, do. So when the market is slowing down, they may have unrealistic expectations for what can be done for them whether buying or selling. This is where you need to be prepared. Coach Kevin Ward gives some excellent advice as to how you can control the situation and confidently navigate your clients to achieve success in any market. His 5 keys are:

  1. Know the Market
  2. The Market Rules
  3. Straight and Sympathetic Communication
  4. Client Motivation
  5. Keep the Big Picture In Mind

Number 3 is absolutely crucial!

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