Top Realtor Secrets: Tip #4: Inbound Marketing

Build credibility with Inbound Marketing.

I’m Shaun Nilsson from Real Estate and Social Media Website, and I am here today to speak with you about inbound marketing. The secret to unlocking the explosive power of social media like your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account.

Now, nobody likes hearing someone brag about themselves. We’re all more concerned about ourselves and our lives than the lives of others. It’s just human nature. However, agents consistently advertise their services in what I call a “me first” way.

Now this includes posting about being the best agent in your area, doing the most sales volume or winning awards. But I hate to break it to you, people don’t really care.

The trick to making your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn really generate leads is to post just the opposite. “Them first” content also known as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing refers to posting content that other people will value. Thereby becoming perceived as a helpful expert rather than a “me first” bore. This could include market statistics, housing reports, design articles, and anything else that you think your friends and followers would be interested in.

You’ll quickly discover that rather than tuning you out, people are engaging with you. Asking you questions and viewing you as a trusted real estate expert. Which brings me to a great time-saving tip for your inbound marketing strategy.

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