Top Realtor Secrets: Tip #2: Learning How To Listen

Everyone knows how to “talk” on Twitter. Have you ever listened?

Hi there, I’m Shaun Nilsson from real estate and social media website, and I’m here to speak with you about your Twitter account and how you can use the search feature to “listen” instead of “talk” and gain tonnes more leads.

Everyone knows how to “talk” on Twitter, and the service is inundated with folks creating posts bragging about how great they are. But have you ever thought of listening?

Try this: Login to your Twitter account, and in the search box, try searching for “the name of your market,” then “buying” and “house”, or “the name of your market,” then “selling” and “house”.

This will pull up all of the people who are currently talking about buying and selling their house in your market, then you can message them and offer assistance, and turn them into clients.

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