Top Realtor Secrets: Tip #1 – Permission to Advertise

Generate leads using other people's listings? Yes please!

I’m Shaun Nilsson from real estate and social media website, and I’m here to speak with you about how you can generate more leads right now by using other people’s listings, and posting them on Craigslist and Kijiji.

Most people have bought or sold something on Craigslist or Kijiji at one time or another. It’s a great place to post items for sale, and this includes properties. But what if you want those valuable Craigslist and Kijiji leads, but you have no listings?

Try this: Call up other agents in your office with currently active listings. Don’t be shy about asking the folks with the best possible listings – the ones you think will really sell. Ask these agents for permission to advertise their listings, and tell them you’d like to post them online to generate new buyer leads for their property.

If they say “yes”, be sure to comply with whatever marketing standards are set up in your area, such as posting the listing brokerage or agents’ name on your ad. Just make sure you also indicate in the ad that prospects can gather more information from you as well!

The rest is easy. Sit back and wait for your phone to ring. People in your market searching for homes on these sites will call you for more information on the properties. You then provide helpful service, answer their questions, and turn them into clients. Simple!

And speaking of simple, here’s another quick tip that will help streamline your marketing strategy:

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