The Sneaky Habit That Makes People Not Take You Seriously

How saying "No" can be a powerful tool?

How are your words impacting how people view you?

A simple word can be one of the most powerful things to get us to the success we’re looking for. Whether it’s co-workers, bosses or clients, saying the right thing is imperative to things going your way.

But what if there was a simple word or sentiment you were missing that was holding you back?

Author Amy Morin breaks down for Entrepreneur why saying something as simple as “No” can help you in more ways than you think.

It will help:

  • Cut through the clutter of work that doesn’t move you towards your goals
  • Set clear boundaries to bolster work-life balance

In the age of the customer always being right and always wanting to give your boss the most valuable return on their investment in you, knowing how to prioritize and lead sometimes involves saying no to things.

The revelation at 30 seconds might be the most important part!

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