13 Killer Secrets To Social Media Marketing For Realtors®

Build a brand to remember.

Social media can certainly be challenging in any business where you wear multiple hats throughout your workday.

We’ve talked about the 4 major areas you need to focus on daily to be a great real estate agent. Unfortunately, there may not be a lot of time left for a fifth (social media). But in today’s market, social media simply can’t be ignored. It has proven to be a great brand awareness and sales tool for real estate agents. So how can you manage a successful social media campaign and not lose focus on the other aspects of your business?

It’s all about a clear vision.

Your social media marketing should show a clear and enthusiastic picture of what your brand is. The social media experts at Buffer have listed 13 different aspects of social media that can put your brand on the map and show your clients exactly what they’ll get when they choose you as their realtor®. A few of their tips are to:

  1. Establish your goals
  2. Make time
  3. Listen to your community
  4. Engagement drives growth

The fifth tip is particularly key!

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