Sell Your Listing Faster: Unlock The Secret Of Social Media Sharing

Reach thousands of buyers by “Blasting” your listings.


Do you want to win and sell more listings?

Of course you do. Did you know that you can reach thousands of potential buyers by “Blasting” your listings to the CityBlast Social Agent Network?

Social Agent Network

Without the personal connections, real estate agents are bottom feeders, in direct competition with everyone else; with deep connections and a strong reputation, real estate agents get all the scoops, the heads-ups, and have access to properties that have yet to go on the market — through relationships, they’re able to turn a commodity business into a premium service no matter how easy it is to sell your house on Craig’s List
~ Chris Abraham,

Are you new to CityBlast? If so, read this quick primer on what CityBlast is. If you’re already a member, maybe you’ve looked at the great local listings that appear on CityBlast member accounts and thought “Where do those come from?”

Your Listing Their Wall

The answer is “Blasting.”

What is Blasting? It’s when you place your listing on the social media walls of hundreds of agents in your area. Your listing, their friends.

The Power of Co-Operation

If you aren’t going to sell your listing to one of your own buyers, it only makes sense for you to share it with as many buyers in your market as possible. We allow you to literally post your listing on the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of other real estate agents all through your city — advertising it to all of their friends! And because you’re getting the listing commission anyway, you’ll use their networks to expand your net further than you could on your own, and get your property sold fast.

Watch This 60 Second Video – Reach 1000’s Of New Buyers In Your Area!

We’ve recently witnessed first-hand the vast impact a strong social strategy and presence can have directly on real estate sales. One of our clients, a Vancouver-based real estate sales & marketing group, contracted our team to implement a social media strategy for their latest residential development project, a renovated heritage multi-family complex in an urban Vancouver neighbourhood. The results were staggering: nearly 1000 people attended the grand opening to see the only 20 units, and almost 70% of the units sold within the first 3 days
~ Booje Media,

How Does it Work?

It’s easy.

Submit your listing to CityBlast’s social experts to be one of the featured properties that is being posted on other agents’ accounts throughout your area. Once you hit the Blast button, the listing will be shared to your own online network and simultaneously sent to our team of experts for a quick review.

Reach A Massive New Audience

They help you reach their entire social network with your listing – an audience you could never advertise to otherwise – and help you expose it to new buyers. Once you’ve Blasted your listing, just sit back and watch the leads roll in. Buyer agents will contact you directly with leads from their client list!

Each one of your blasted listings is promoted for one week. After the week, you have the ability to Re-Blast your listing; and at any point you can update the price or status, take it off the market, or mark it SOLD!

…Nearly 100% of Real Estate Agents I talk to say most of their business comes from Family, Friends or Referrals. So let me share this with you: when you’re on Social Media, where your Family, Friends and Past Clients are, when you can connect with them and create an engaging impression with them on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, 4Square, Yelp!, those are going to create a sphere of influence on steroids for your Real Estate business
~ Bob Watson, Rebo Reports

It’s Patented!

Sharing your listing with other Agents in your city is so unique to CityBlast, that we’ve patented it! That’s right, this incredibly powerful social media tool provides an invaluable advantage to your Real Estate business and you can’t find it on any other website in the world.

Best of all, it’s included absolutely free in your CityBlast membership.

Have a listing? Log in to your CityBlast account now, and Blast your whole city today!


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