4 Real Estate Secrets To Sell Every Listing You Get

Sell Every Listing You Get.

What if the industry standards are setting the bar too low for your business?

Your mindset has a big impact on your success. So if the industry is telling you that you should be selling 60-80% of your listings, why settle on that? You can set your mind to a goal higher than the average realtor and there’s no reason you can’t achieve that goal.

Set the bar high.

Here are some insightful tips from Coach Kevin Ward on how to sell EVERY listing. He points out that by taking listings that you know you can sell, you can not only increase your sales percentage but just love your job more from working with listings that are in your wheelhouse. Here are the 4 key ways he shows you to do this:

  1. Price it right
  2. Show great
  3. Show easy
  4. Great pictures on MLS

Number 1 is the key!

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