Select ‘Tips for Living Well’ to share well-being advice with your audience

Show how much you care about your clients's quality of life.


When you choose the category ‘Tips for Living Well’ your social media expert will share the best tips on healthy eating, ways to reduce stress, how to get fit, and much more! These articles will be sourced from the most current industry health and wellness websites. Your clients will appreciate the personal touch you are giving by providing tips to increase their overall well-being.

How does the category ‘Tips for Living Well’ benefit you and your brand recognition? Living well starts in the home. Sharing health and wellness tips will show our audience you care more about just finding them a home, you also care about their overall lifestyle. You want to find that perfect home to fit their lifestyle. It adds that personal touch which humanizes your online profiles. In addition, these types of posts follow the 80/20 rule of sharing free, valuable content the majority of the time and promoting yourself 20% of the time.

Start showcasing how much you care about your client’s well being by selecting the category ‘Tips for Living Well’ in your content settings.

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