Secrets of Selling More Real Estate – Part 2

Marketing Other Agents' Listings: Look Like a Real Estate Rockstar


If you could generate more leads and make more money with the simple click of a button, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Find out how CityBlast’s Local Listing Showcase can help you do just that.

“It is very common to hear that the best way to get a job is through networking. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are the easiest and most refined ways that you can build an intricate network. The whole networking process has changed with these sites and instead of needing to ask favours from strangers, social media provides you with an opportunity to showcase your abilities and demonstrate your proficiency in the field. By sending out or displaying useful information and a large resource of related knowledge you can get the right people to notice you in the right way.” – Social Media Today

Hey, That’s Not My Listing, Where’d It Come From?

You may have seen a new listing on your social media accounts, and wondered where it came from. Don’t freak out, it was sent to you by your CityBlast Social Media Expert, and it was sent to them with a direct “OK!” from the listing agent. You see, they recently Blasted their new listing and want you to help them market their new listing. There’s no dilly dallying between agent-to-agent emails, by simply clicking Local Listing Showcase in your CityBlast settings you are saving yourself time, and turning your Social Media into a money-generating marketing machine.

CityBlast receives hundreds of listings every day from members across Canada and the U.S. The listings are published to CityBlast agents in the same city as the Blasted listing, reaching thousands of potential news buyers by sharing the listing to other agents.

But Why Would I Want Another Agent’s Listing On My Wall?

How many listings do you have each month? Whatever the (real) number is, do you wish you had more? Of course you do. There’s nothing like the buzz of a busy agent to attract new buyers like bees to a flower, and let’s face it: Your listings may not always be the ones that are right for the buyers in your network. It’s impossible for you to have the perfect listing all the time. If you don’t have what they’re looking for, they’re going to fly on by and find the next agent who has what they’re looking for.

By featuring other agents’ listings on your wall, you’re not only increasing the amount of new listings you’re advertising, but you’re covering a wider range of homes and neighbourhoods.

“The true power of social media comes from the people that share within the network. Crowdsourcing, tweeting, media readers, and other can be all lumped into this category.” –

Let’s take a look at the my own account as an example. I have the Local Listing Showcase deselected in the CityBlast settings to showcase so that I can quickly show you how to set up the service:

How Does This Make Me More Money?

The agents who have Blasted their listings through the CityBlast network know they aren’t going to double end the deal, so they want your help to bring them a buyer. When a new listing appears on your wall, it appears to your entire network. Better yet, when one of your online friends clicks on the listing and requests more information, they’ll be lead back to your contact details – you’ve literally captured a hot new lead without lifting a finger!

Take a look at how easily one of my Facebook friends can be captured as a lead:

Does it really work?

“I find using CityBlast on my social media helps expose me as a realtor and all of my listings! It is a great medium to grow my business and client base. Having articles of interest mixed in with property listings creates a perfect balance for all of my contacts on social media.” Paul McGregor, Royal LePage Signature

What’s The Catch?

There isn’t one! It’s completely your choice to publish the Local Listing Showcase to your social media accounts, and if you change your mind, you can always update your CityBlast settings at any time. But since you’ve come this far in becoming a Social Media Expert, why not make more money and become that Top Agent You Know You Are?

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