3 Innovative Strategies To Perfect Real Estate Pricing

Make sure the price is right.

Being a top Realtor® is all about separating yourself from the competition.

So when it comes to real estate pricing, how do you do that? Most agents will look at the market and all the comparisons and usually come up with a price within the same one or two percent. So what you’re actually trying to sell yourself as to home sellers, is a marketing expert. How are you going to generate the buzz and interest to bring agents and potential buyers in to see their home? The key lies in how you present all the info to your client.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

Coach Tom Ferry says you should present yourself as not only a great Realtor® but also a great marketer. From that point, empowering your client to feel included in the process can help give you an edge. Ferry says a great way to do this is to present three different pricing options and let the seller decide. He lists the 3 strategies as:

  1. Highest possible price
  2. Fair market value
  3. Slightly below fair market value

Check out the 5:06 mark to see how the third strategy can actually make you the most money.

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