3 Secrets To Effective Mobile Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing right to your prospects' phones.

There’s no more denying it, businesses need to go mobile.

Once upon a time, a billboard on a building or on a bus may have been your best bet to get your brand out to potential new clients. But mobile phones have changed all that forever. If you walk around in public you’ll notice that most people are looking down at their phones anyway, so why not put your marketing dollars on a place people are already looking.

Developing a real estate mobile marketing strategy is easier than you think.

The key thing to remember about mobile interaction is that it should be simple. So whether it’s your website or a lead capture page your prospects are interacting with, it should be quick and easy for them to find what they’re looking for and get in touch with you if they choose. Digital and mobile growth expert, Farzana Nasser, breaks down 3 main points to focus on for mobile marketing that you simply can’t ignore:

  1. Create a cross-channel strategy
  2. Keep data entry short
  3. Create a frictionless experience

Check out the 0:54 mark for the first tip!

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