3 Secret Editing Tricks To Make Awesome Marketing Vidoes

Edit your videos to make them stand out to prospects.

If you haven’t heard already, video marketing is the number one platform for online marketing these days.

So with this in mind, learning how to make creative, memorable and professional videos is a key to success for any and all real estate agents. There are many factors that go into creating a great video. It ranges from the right camera to your sound quality to your on-screen personality and especially the content of what you’re actually discussing in the video. But there’s one main point that people without video marketing experience can struggle with – editing.

Edit for powerful and snappy videos.

You don’t want a video to just give information, you want your videos to represent your brand and make sure people remember you well after they’ve moved on to their next video. Think Media breaks down some keys to remember to make great edits to your real estate marketing videos to make sure people come back for more. Some key tools you can use are:

  1. Pluralsight — On-demand learning made simple (Free 10-Day Trial)
  2. Lynda — Online video tutorials (Free 30-Day Trial)
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud and Premiere (Video Editing Software)

Check out the 2:11 mark for the first tip!

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