Real Estate Rainmakers Vol. 1 – Adam Hergenrother

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Sound good?  Without further delay, here’s one of the top 1,000 ranked Realtor® in the nation, Adam Hergenrother of Vermont’s Hergenrother Realty Group, with his top real estate marketing tips and tricks!


1) Tell us what market you work in, and how long you’ve been in real estate.

I’ve been in the Greater Burlington Area, Vermont for 11 years.

2) Tell us how you got started in real estate?

After making quite a bit of money flipping car, I decided to invest that money and buy my first piece of real estate with my brother – a preconstruction condo that just a few years later sold for a $65,000 profit. I continued to have my hands in real estate here and there while working as a financial controller. But within about a year, I had maxed out. I always showed up and worked hard. My bosses started to tell me to stop doing things so fast because I was making them look bad. I cannot NOT be growing, so it was at that point I knew I needed to go out and do my own thing. My decision to get into real estate wasn’t really about real estate; it was to build a company that I owned so that nobody could put a limit on my thinking or my growth.

3) What drew you to the real estate industry?

Business is nothing more than a conduit for our own personal growth. What initially drew me was freedom and unlimited income potential, which quickly grew into the opportunity to build a massive company and help transform other people’s lives (my employee’s and client’s lives) through homeownership.

4) When you began your career, what was your biggest challenge?

People and money. And those are still my two biggest challenges. These will always be the two biggest issues in business. Do we have the right people on the bus in the right seats to accomplish our goals? Are our people committed to the vision and driven to succeed? The right people (or wrong people) can also significantly impact your financial position and growth – positively or negatively.

5) What role does technology play in your business?

We couldn’t do business at the level we do without technology – whether that’s our lead generation platform and our follow-up system, to our online checklists, databases, and intranet of marketing materials, to using video conferencing to connect with our leadership and teams around the country. A big component of this is our Boomtown database that allows us a central platform to manage all of our leads in 20 different states. Scalability with technology is huge.

6) What are the top tools you couldn’t live without?

Zoom. This allows us to collaborate with CEOs, leadership, and agents around the country from everything to weekly check-ins, accountability calls, to virtual training events.

7) If you could give just one tip to yourself as a new agent, what would it be?

Stay humble and work hard. It’s not about the material. It’s about experiences and growth. The more people you can get into a relationship with and bring into your world, you will only grow and succeed that much faster. You do not have to do it alone, in fact, succeeding through others gives others opportunities, and allows you to grow.

8) What’s the best secret real estate marketing strategy you’ve ever discovered?

Extreme time management. Being 100% in control of my time and my schedule. Focusing on the most dollar producing activities and saying no to everything else.

9) What’s the best way to build a long-lasting client base?

Build your brand and constantly be providing value on social media, through a website or blog, free training, or client events. What resources or knowledge do you have that you can share with your clients?

10) What is the biggest challenge that prevents others from becoming a top producer?

Mindset and their level of thinking. If you aren’t constantly working on yourself each day – through exercise, meditation, reading, journaling, etc. you aren’t going to show up as your best self nor are you going to be taking your thinking to the next level. Ego often gets in the way, but you have to be self-aware enough to know what you don’t know and then go find the answer.

11) How do you think mobile devices have changed the real estate marketing world?

Most people are searching and communicating via mobile. It allows potential clients to get real-time data and search geographically for the neighborhood or type of home they are looking for and get immediate information, including scheduling showings or contacting agents immediately.

12) How do you think social media has changed the industry?

Social media has given us a platform to build our brand and let others get to know us on a more personal level. We are all just humans trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our families. Being vulnerable and authentic, while providing massive value, allows us to build a connection online that only enhances the relationships in person. We have met many people we wouldn’t have otherwise, clients and team members, on social media.

13) What’s your best go-to method for selling a listing fast?

Pricing it right.

14) How do you generate new leads?

While my focus used to be on calling FSBOs, Expireds and using a lead generation platform like Boomtown, as I have grown my company, the past five years have been focused on lead generating for talent, who I then spend time with coaching and training to go out and build their business through real estate. I generate leads for talent several ways, through our social media brand, by sharing our vision on podcasts and interviews, and through my blog. The best way to find talent though, is to coach and train, which is why I spent most of my time on free webinars, podcasts, and hosting online and live training events.

15) How do you feel about competition between agents?

Friendly competition is always welcome. Most agents are competitive and want to be the best. That doesn’t mean that they want to take away anyone else’s success, just that they want just a little bit more. I like my team to set individual and team goals so that we are all succeeding together. There is plenty of room for everyone at the top.

16) What’s one technology that doesn’t exist yet that you would love to see emerge in real estate marketing?

This may exist in some form, but I would like to see virtual reality used to give clients a really clear picture and experience of what their new construction home would look and feel like. It’s really hard for a lot of people to visualize a new home when all they see are floor plans and a plot of land. Virtual reality would allow them to walk through the space and make changes before the foundation was even poured.

17) What separates a good agent from a great one?

Consistency and mastering the boredom of building a business. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of all the small daily activities that you do every day that add up to massive success. The agents that can do the things that are easy to do (but also easy not to do), like lead generation, are the ones that will ultimately get the results they want and build a business and a legacy.

18) What’s your best advice for marketing real estate services to Millennials?

Millennials are truly not different than anyone else, especially when it comes to buying or selling a home. Buying or selling real estate is an emotional event and will be one of the biggest transactions of anyone’s life. Treat that with respect and honor the emotional process they are going through. Just do it quickly and preferably via text or social media messaging for Millennials.

19) What do you think is most important when developing an online real estate marketing presence?

Transparency about who you and your company are and always be providing value. Share who you are and what you are doing, but always remember to give people something to come back to. Is that market advice? Tips on how to invest in real estate? A goal setting tool? How are you helping someone else grow and improve their life? Focus on that and your brand and online presence will expand.

20) What words do you live by?

Personal growth through business success. There is always a way. What’s your move? Never give up.

21) What’s your endgame?  What are you working toward in life/real estate?

My mission is to grow spiritually through all of life’s experiences in order to create a world large enough for everyone who enters my life to exceed their wealthiest and wildest goals. I am also working on building the second largest real estate firm in the world, which will be housed inside the largest real estate firm in the world, Keller Williams Realty.

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