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Every week, CityBlast asks one of the world’s top agents to dish up their closely-guarded secrets to Realtor® marketing success in a ’21 Questions’ format.  They’ll reveal powerful real estate agent marketing strategies, and help draw a roadmap to understanding exactly how to get to the top of the game.

Sound good?  Without further delay, here’s one of the top 1,000 ranked Realtor® in the nation, Abby Nelson of Central Florida’s Abby Nelson Team, with her top real estate marketing tips and tricks!

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1) Tell us what market you work in, and how long you’ve been in real estate.

I work in the Central Florida residential market and have been in real estate since 2004.

2) Tell us how you got started in real estate?

It was always my intention to have the best of both worlds – an office job that did not require me to be in the office! I wanted to be able to determine my own destiny, to know that my success relied upon my own abilities.

3) What drew you to the real estate industry?

After graduating from college I took some time to reflect on where I wanted to succeed as a professional and I realized that Real Estate was the perfect avenue for my career aspirations.

4) When you began your career, what was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome has been to learn to be a leader rather than just an agent. I have educated myself on the attributes of leadership and have worked diligently to incorporate them into my approach to real estate and my team. As my team has grown and evolved, I have become a much stronger leader and have learned the value of partnership, teaching and the satisfaction that comes from sharing in the successes.

5) What role does technology play in your business?

I value the role that technology plays in my every day as a Realtor®. I use professional photography and videography for all my listings to ensure that every property is shown to its fullest potential going as far as to have 3-D walkthrough technology! From my lead-generating sites to my CRM systems which my team uses to complete tasks related to our transactions, to my marketing campaigns using traditional and social media and follow up systems, every aspect of my business is driven by innovative technology that I have researched, and in large part, designed myself. In this way, we are virtually a paperless office. I have the ability to add new information and make rapid changes that allow me to stay ahead of the competition. I am always looking for ways to build upon and improve our systems so that we can continue to provide superior service to every client.

6) What are the top tools you couldn’t live without?

Our CRM programs! Platforms like Kunversion and Top Producer really helped my entire team be more productive and stay on task. And of course, in this day and age, my cell phone, can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

7) If you could give just one tip to yourself as a new agent, what would it be?

Don’t reinvent the wheel, there are amazing coaching programs out there and if you give in to their ways earlier you won’t have to keep reinventing the wheel!

8) What’s the best secret real estate marketing strategy you’ve ever discovered?

I have been fortunate to have been mentored early in my career by exceptional Realtors®. One of the best strategies I discovered early on was to be diversified in my approach to real estate so that it would allow me to succeed whether we are in a seller or buyer market. I, therefore, have not only traditional listings and sales but work in the REO market as well. I also learned that attention to detail and establishing very specialized and innovative tracking systems for my data and marketing would provide me with the ability to maximize my exposure and attract clients, as well as retain past clients and have them refer me to their family and friends. So I developed my own systems and team, which have streamlined my transaction processes and enabled me to become far more efficient and innovative in my approach to marketing and client retention and referrals.

9) What’s the best way to build a long-lasting client base?

Very simple, provide them with exemplary service that they can’t help but tell everyone they know about!

10) What is the biggest challenge that prevents others from becoming a top producer?

I believe there are two major challenges that hold people back from being a top producer and that’s lack of organization and not having a clear focus on their goals. Without the former, you can’t achieve the latter.

11) How do you think mobile devices have changed the real estate marketing world?

I think they have made real estate more “accessible” to the average buyer/seller.

12) How do you think social media has changed the industry?

Social media has made real estate less intimidating! It has also afforded agents the opportunity to have a wider reach and the potential to gain clients from anywhere in the world. Marketing listings, open houses, and other events have become so much easier thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

13) What’s your best go-to method for selling a listing fast?

Pricing it right is always the key!

14) How do you generate new leads?

We utilize various methods to generate new leads from social media to utilizing the traditional sign riders for more information on properties…we use it all! Fortunately, a large part of our business is referrals from past clients.

15) How do you feel about competition between agents?

I love healthy competition! It keeps you in the growth mindset and always wanting to do better. It helps eliminate complacency.

16) What’s one technology that doesn’t exist yet that you would love to see emerge in real estate marketing?

I think that there need to be better tracking systems. It would be amazing to see a program of some sort that incorporates all of our needs as agents into one platform; helping alleviate the need for multiple CRM’s, databases, etc.

17) What separates a good agent from a great one?

A great agent MUST be detail oriented and needs to focus heavily on superior communication and extensive follow-up. You’ve got to impress your clients so that they refer you to others and then those same people refer you, etc. Making sure that every client is informed, assisted and supported from the first communication to closing and beyond establishes a long-term relationship that provides you with repeat and referral business. Good agents end their relationships at the closing table, great agents see the closing as just the beginning.

18) What’s your best advice for marketing real estate services to Millennials?

You might have to communicate a little differently and they might want some different amenities and features than other generations, but at the end of the day, it’s about having a great relationship with your customer by communicating frequently and being a guide for them. You want to make them feel comfortable throughout the process.

19) What do you think is most important when developing an online real estate marketing presence?

Reinforcing your brand and what YOU as an agent can offer your target market. Continuing to provide relevant, valuable content that maintains your web presence is vital and to ensure you continue to gain and retain followers.

20) What words do you live by?

My mission statement – To provide exemplary service that inspires you to refer us and come back to us when life moves you.

21) What’s your endgame? What are you working toward in life/real estate?

To create a sustainable business that provides a certain lifestyle for my family and to better the lives of my team members. I also want to be able to give back in my time, knowledge and financially whenever I can.

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