10 Genius Ways To Market A Real Estate Event On Facebook

Plan the real estate event of the year.

There’s no worse feeling than telling everyone you’re throwing a party only for no one to show up.

Well, that’s what could happen if you post an event on Facebook and then never do anything else to market the event. In the real estate business, Facebook events are a fantastic tool to let people know what you’ve got going on in your business. Whether it’s an open house, a charity event or just a meet and greet, Facebook allows you to share your event with a huge network of people. But don’t make the mistake of creating the event page and then just expecting people to show up.

Use all of Facebook’s tools to let people know that they can’t miss your event.

Facebook has multiple tools that allow you to create events and market it to a huge range of people. Social media expert Jeremy Potter of 5 Minute Social Media breaks down 10 different ways you can create the real estate event of the year on your Facebook page and get a great turnout for the event. Some of the key tips are to:

  1. Keep the name short
  2. Optimize the image
  3. Don’t invite everyone
  4. Post about the event
  5. Don’t completely rely on Facebook

Tip #9 is the key one no one ever pays attention to.

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