The Biggest Key To Prove Yourself To Real Estate Prospects In 2019

Prove that your goal is to help the client first.

Want to turn every prospect’s “no” into a “yes?” Then you’ll need to prove yourself to them.

Many agents think that there is a point along the prospecting process that turns people away. Maybe it’s a mistake you’ve made somewhere in the paperwork or pitch. But in reality, that problem starts the moment you start talking with the prospect. Whether it’s true or not, you need to understand that when you meet a prospect, their initial thought is that you are there to serve yourself first. You’ll need to change their mind.

Show them that they come first.

The real key to getting a “yes” every single time, as real estate coach Kevin Ward points out, is to show your prospects that they are your number one priority. The paycheck is almost just like a bonus for doing something selfless. That may be your actual intention anyways, but the prospect just may not know that just yet.

Head to the 1:15 mark to learn how to get your message across.

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