2 Secret Habits To Prioritize Your Tasks For Better Productivity

Your habits define your success.

There’s one major skill that can separate a good Realtor® from a great one – their ability to prioritize.

A great Realtor® has a lot of tasks to juggle. And where a lot of them go wrong is letting the tasks dictate when you do them versus the other way around. Your ability to prioritize your tasks and manage your time efficiently can completely transform your business.

Prioritize your life before anyone else’s.

Here are some words of wisdom from Coach Kevin Ward as he breaks down how you can prioritize your tasks the right way to create a schedule that works for your business and your personal happiness. He names two key habits you should keep:

  1. Make a daily schedule and follow it.
  2. No emails before noon.

The second one can completely change your routine for the better.

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