How To Make Your Click Through Rates Skyrocket

Find out how the 'Top 10' content category will increase your clicks


When you select ‘Top 10’ you are giving your clients access to interesting, easy to read blog articles. Why? Because people LOVE top 10 lists! This category includes topics from all of the CityBlast categories that feature top 10 lists. You’ll find everything from the top 10 real estate markets in the world or the country, to the top 10 coolest celebrity homes.

We know that people love top 10 lists so we created a list of 10 reasons why we can guarantee these articles will generate clicks. 1. They are easy to digest. 2. They encourage debate. 3. They’re inherently linkable. 4. They will spread and be shared. 5. They’re easy to write. 6. They’re insightful and interesting. 7. They aid in brand discovery. 8. People love statistics. 9. Everybody shares them. 10. They rank well on all noteworthy social news sites.

Now you know why they will generate clicks, but what do clicks do for your brand? Clicks provide engagement, which increases your social Klout. Top 10 lists also result in shares that expands your reach and visibility across social sharing sites, which increases your new followers and potential clients.

Are you interested in seeing higher click through rates on you social media profiles? Then head over to your CityBlast settings and click on Top 10 now!

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