7 Daily Habits To Reach Your Peak Performance In Real Estate

Master all aspects of the industry.

The success of your business is reliant on two major things – your ability to excel at your own work and your ability to work well with others.

Many agents only ever become an expert at one side of the business. On the one hand, you need to be able to find prospects, follow up with them, book appointments and close the deal. On the other hand, you need the teamwork skills to work with buyers, sellers, other agents and your own team if you have one. Managing both sides of the business can be tricky.

Your daily habits can build your ability to manage both.

Morten Hansen, author of Great At Work, did a recent study to determine what generates peak performance in business. He found that there are 7 major habits that the highest performing workers held that allowed them to reach the peak output in their industry. These habits fell into two major buckets, which as mentioned earlier are:

  1. Mastering your own work
  2. Mastering working with others

You’ll need to practice all 7 habits to reach your peak performance!

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