4 Proven Money-Making Habits For Realtors®

Your daily habits define your success.

Real estate is an industry of peaks and valleys.

Most agents are familiar with the concept of having a great month of sales, and then going quiet for a month or two after that. Obviously, the market itself will have a big impact on that, but the truly great realtors® know how to smooth out those ups and downs and get a little more consistency going throughout the year.

It’s not a completely linear process.

There’s one key skill that some realtors® overlook – multi-tasking. While focusing on one topic to get it done correctly isn’t always a bad thing, you’ll need to be careful to not completely forget about your other tasks in the process. Real estate guru Kevin Ward breaks down the 4 key money-making habits you should be focusing on and teaches you how to juggle them all without losing focus. The key is to not necessarily do them in order. Here are the 4 tips:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Follow-Up
  3. Appointments
  4. Negotiating Offers

Check out the 3:15 mark to see where most agents get stuck and how you can avoid the same mistake.

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