5 Keys To Keeping Your Business In Gear When The Market Adjusts

How to keep up with a changing market.

The most successful business people know how to adjust to the market.

Real estate, perhaps more than almost any other industry, real estate is constantly changing. And where most real estate agents fall behind is adjusting their marketing and work habits around that changing market. And – just like in the wilderness – in business, survival is about adaptation.

Get to know your market inside out and how to effectively thrive in it.

When your market adjusts, there are several things you need to do immediately in order to keep your business in a prime position for success. Coach Tom Ferry breaks down 5 of the key business habits you should focus on and breaks down how to execute each one. Some may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised which ones most people ignore. The 5 main keys are:

  1. Hobbyist or is this a business?
  2. Multiple lead generation sources
  3. Live inside your CRM
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Save a reserve

The 4th tip is one you simply can’t ignore.

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