Looking to attract high-end clients? Select the Bold and Buzzworthy Category NOW!

It's premium content for a premium clientele.


You have probably seen the option for Bold and Buzzworthy in your Content Categories and weren’t exactly sure how this category could benefit you. We’ve got the answers below!

By selecting the Bold and Buzzworthy category you are indicating to your social media expert that you would like to attract that big fish client. This category provides guided virtual tours of beautiful million dollar listings and celebrity homes. Not only will this posting category help position you as a luxury real estate agent, but it will also give the regular homebuyer a glimpse into beautiful and ornate homes that they would otherwise not have the chance to view.

How does this category convert into high profile clients? When this type of homebuyer is searching the market for a real estate agent they want to know that the agent understands the needs of a luxury homebuyer. As well, your mid-income client will also like to indulge their fantasies about owning one of these homes and will provide higher engagement on posts from this category. A luxury homebuyer will see that the property has been inquired about or shared through social media and this will reaffirm their need for the luxury home. From there they will no doubt turn to you for their real estate needs.

If you want to land that million dollar homebuyer select the Bold and Buzzworthy category today!

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