Leads from Facebook – Are They Powerful?

Most agents don't get why they should leverage their Facebook for lead generation. Do you?


Who knew Facebook could be such a huge real estate lead generator?

I’m not even talking about targeted paid ads.

I’m just talking about organic leads from Facebook.

You know — when people want to sell their house and know you’re a real estate agent. Or when people see a listing you’ve posted and want to know more about it.

Let’s say you’re an agent (not too hard to imagine, yeah?). You regularly post articles about real estate on Facebook. Over time, your friends and family see you as the real estate expert. The one with all the tips and tricks, the know-how, and the chops.

And then the leads start rolling in.

I’d argue that these leads — the leads from Facebook — are more valuable than any other leads.

Because the leads you generate this way are higher quality and more powerful for you as a real estate agent.

Here’s why:

1. Their Social Profile is Already Attached

You can infer more insights from a Facebook lead in that moment than any other leads you get.

You don’t just have their email or phone number — you have your lead’s entire Facebook profile at your disposal.

Through Facebook, you have the power to get to know someone quickly and thoroughly. Just by looking through photos and status updates, you can find out your lead’s interests, current lifestyle, and background. And that makes your leads from Facebook all the more easy to qualify.

Knowing all this means you can to infer what kind of neighborhood this person would like, or what kind of features in a home they’d prefer.

Through Facebook you can even prospect leads — like those in your network who’ve recently gotten married and are likely in the market for a home.

You get more valuable information with a lead from Facebook.

2. Leads From Facebook Are Already Nurtured

Lead nurturing: continuing the conversation with a prospect until they are ready to convert to a client.

Facebook is the best spot to do this. Any and all of your friends are potential clients and prospects, and you can directly interact with them without being annoying (thanks newsfeed!). When you regularly post interesting real estate content on your Facebook, you’re staying on top of their radars. You’re keeping the topic of “real estate” fresh in their heads.

That means that your leads from Facebook have come to you. These are leads that you’ve attracted — you didn’t go out and look for them. You didn’t need to convince them to hire you as their real estate agent. The leads you get from Facebook are leads that have gone and sought you out, because they need your services.

They’ve been nurtured, and now they’re ready.

3. Your Leads Have Facebook Friends Of Their Own

Word-of-mouth is far easier on Facebook. Because it is literally a social network. Whenever anyone engages with your posts (say, by liking, commenting, or sharing), that post appears on that friend’s newsfeed. That means that their friends will see it too.

And when that lead from Facebook turns into that client from Facebook, guess how much more willing they’ll be to refer you to their friends? And all they have to do is share a post!

Your leads from Facebook carry so much more potential for referral.

4. It Uses Principles Of Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is when you draw people to yourself, instead of traditional (outbound) marketing, where you go out and search for people. It’s like social media marketing vs. billboards.

And it’s the strategy that, according to HubSpot, is taking over business with less than 200 employees. Real estate agents and brokers included.

Inbound marketing is effective and inexpensive. It’s the strategy of now and the future. Like I mentioned before, your leads from Facebook are leads you attracted. That’s the power of inbound.


Wrapping It All Up

And that’s why the leads from Facebook are more powerful to you as a real estate agent.

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