5 Top Secret Tips For Better Lead Generation In Real Estate

Get leads that count.

The future of lead generation is here.

True and effective lead generation is so hard to find. There are plenty of great options; social media, door knocking, advertising etc. But the real problem is that they change so constantly, there’s no one set way to generate consistent, dependable leads. So what can we do about it?

Lock-in on the key aspects of lead generation.

As the methods may change on a regular basis, the core concepts stay the same. Your job will be to find the best tools you can to execute on those key things. But you may find it difficult to do that if you don’t know what those key things are. Kevin Ward lists the 5 key areas you should be considering no matter what form of lead generation you’re working with. The key points are:

  1. Manage your relationships with “top of mind awareness” and trust
  2. Focus on getting new business
  3. Be multi-dimensional
  4. Powerful communication
  5. Have a bullet-proof mindset

His description of “TOMA” is perfect!

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