LaRoula Listens: Your Greatest Time Management Tips

I asked and you answered! Did your tip make it to the list?

LaRoula Listens: Your Greatest Time Management Tips

A couple weeks ago, I had a bit of a breakdown.

Summer’s rolling in and in full swing… and you know what that means.

Kids out of school, soccer games, camping trips, and barbeques every weekend. Not to mention the number of people suddenly wanting to host open houses.

All of which, I’m happy about, of course.

But I was being pulled in every direction.

With everything going on, I was struggling to manage my time properly. I felt like every day was all go go go, and yet there always seemed to be something I missed or couldn’t get around to doing.

I just didn’t have the time.

So clearly time management is not one of my greatest skills (…for now).

But what about you? As fellow real estate agents, you go through the same thing I do every day. You must have some great secrets.

So I emailed you guys for help. And I was just blown away with how many responses I got back.

Since I now have all these amazing time management tips, I thought I’d flip some over and share my favorites with you in this blog post.

Without any further ado, here are your greatest time management tips!

Time Management Tip #5: Never Procrastinate

This tip comes from Mitch Thomas, an agent from Louisville, Kentucky. Here’s what he has to say:


When I’m best at time management I only touch things that come across my desk once. I don’t put it in a folder or list it as a to do. I complete it and move on to the next task. I do the same with email.


(I can confirm this — Mitch’s emails back to me were speedy and prompt.)

“Don’t procrastinate” honestly is something that’s so easy to say, but hard to put in practice. With Mitch’s technique — dealing with each item as it comes — you don’t even have time to procrastinate. You don’t have to “remember” that you need to get something done — you just do it and finish it.

Great tip, Mitch.

Time Management Tip #4: Create 2 To-Do Lists

On the flip side, for those who do need to write things down and prioritize, this next one is for you. Thanks to Nancy Gard, of Silicon Valley Residential Realty:


I use Evernote and have two running To-Do lists: one for things that I need to be do, and one for things I’d like to accomplish.

What I like about Nancy’s time management tip is that 2 to-do lists allows you to clearly prioritize what needs to be done versus what would be nice to have done. 

Too many times I’ve done all those “nice to have done” things and pushed the “needs to be done” ones off to the side, when it should be the other way around. This system solves all that.

Also, thanks for sharing Evernote with us, Nancy! It’s a note-taking platform that works (and syncs) across pretty much any device. Make a note on your computer, and it’ll automatically show up on the app on your phone.

Super convenient for when you’re on the go.

Time Management Tip #3: Start Early

Thanks goes to our early bird friend, Agent Bradley Rudd from Florida:


Start work at 7:30 am daily. Get an hour of time each workday morning to plan each days must do items. By having that extra hour each morning, I stay more organized all day long. Sending emails to clients very early in the day, shows the client your really going after it. This time is most often undisturbed by incoming calls. No distractions means I get catch up time for the day before.


I absolutely agree with all your points. Plus, too often, I’ll be working away at something, only to be interrupted by a call. I just have so many different new to-do’s flying at me, that I lose focus on the task I’m actually in the middle of.

This is an excellent way to combat that, and kick-start your productivity for the rest of the day.

Time Management Tip #2: Time Blocking

This one was clearly the most popular strategy! Agents Christina HoodVertis Erkins, Dale King, Cesar Castro (as well as a few other anonymous friends) all recommended this tip. These are Christina’s words:

LaRoula Listens Your Greatest Time Management Tips christina

Smart time blocking. Everything goes onto my paper calendar that I take with me everywhere I go during business hours. It is amazing to tell someone, ‘let me check’. It helps me be purposeful and intentional with my time.


What’s time blocking? Dale sent me a great article on it. It’s basically when you schedule specific blocks of time for specific tasks.

Why does it work? Exactly what Christina said: you make intentional and purposeful decisions about your time. You know what you need to get done and exactly when you’re going to do it.

Time Management Tip #1: Take Breaks!

Here comes my favorite tip! Thanks to Kristen Hardin, an agent from Georgia for this one:


Forcing myself to take ACTUAL breaks that don’t involve me checking my phone- I use the “Forest” app (I think it was free)- works for android or apple. 🙂 It’s helped me go for more walks, read more, and relax when I’m supposed to haha. It also helps keep me from working “after hours” and before bed which has been a terrible habit of mine until I started using the app.


I love this. I’m sure you can relate, but I get so focused on getting things done, that I forget that taking breaks makes my actual working time more productive.

And, this app makes taking those breaks a whole lot easier. Forest is a productivity app that times your breaks from your phone, and rewards you for it.

It works like this: You plant a tree and it grows for a set amount of time. If you close the app during that time, your tree dies. Keep up with your set time, keep growing trees, and you’ll have a forest!

That’s pretty awesome.

And for sending in my favorite tip, Kristen gets a $50 Starbucks gift card! Congrats, Kristen!

Wrapping it all up…

Stay on top of everything you need to do with these time management strategies:

  1. Take breaks
  2. Time block your day
  3. Start early
  4. Use 2 to-do lists
  5. Don’t procrastinate

A sincere thanks to YOU, for all your tips and submissions! Couldn’t have created this awesome time management guide without all your help.

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Now tell us,

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