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Listing agents who don’t have a buyer in their “back pocket” always want to get as much marketing bang as possible for their properties. That’s why they love sharing their listings out by Blasting them to agents across their city.

But let’s have a look at it from the other side of the coin. As an agent who showcases others’ listings on my social media accounts, what incentive do I have to share these properties? After all, they’re not even my listings?!

That’s where CityBlast’s multi-patented NEVER LOSE A LEAD technology comes into play.

Here’s how it works:

    1. We get permission from the listing agent to publish their listing to your social media accounts – making it visible to your friends and followers.
    2. When your friends click, however, CityBlast sends them to your personal page on CityBlast to view the details, NOT the page of the listing agent.
    3. Because it’s your page, we display your contact information prominently on that page, and all of those leads go straight back to you.

60 Seconds To Sales:

Sure, we always acknowledge and display the listing agent’s information beside the listing as is required, but on your personal page you’re the main attraction. In fact, over 99% of all leads from your CityBlast page go straight back to you. Try getting the same results elsewhere, where the listing agent gets the leads.

This simple idea is already revolutionizing the Real Estate Business, because it allows all agents to work together, and for the leads to always go where they belong – back to the person who generated them. And we’re so confident in it – we’ve patented it!

That’s right – no other website in the world, big or small, can offer the same protection for your hard earned leads. The world’s largest Social Media Marketing website for Realtors just keeps getting better – and this is just another amazing way you’re always being taken care of by our Experts.

Come join us, and enjoy the benefit of the many other agent-first innovations we’ve made.

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