How Twitter Works And Why It’s Awesome For Your Real Estate Business

Twitter isn't just a social platform for letting people share what they had for lunch, it is a highly effective marketing and advertising tool.

Twitter isn’t just a social platform for letting people share what they had for lunch or hashtag an interesting picture. These days, businesses use it as a highly effective marketing and advertising tool.

Research from Social Media Today indicated that 51% of Twitter users follow companies, brands or products that they like.

You too can jump on the bandwagon and use Twitter as a wonderful tool to generate leads, opportunities and increased awareness for your real estate business.

How Does It Work?

Twitter is a form of ‘microblogging’ with a 140 character limit which means updates have to be short and snappy. Like other social media platforms, Twitter lets users connect and interact with each other through a digital medium.

Why is Twitter Great For Realtors?

The 140 character limited tweets are perfect for busy realtors as they force posts to be brief yet relevant! In fact the shorter the better, research from the Huffington Post shows that tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement. If you can tweet interesting and relevant posts that your followers love it is essentially a source of free advertising and marketing that reaches an audience far beyond your direct following.

You Can Link It To Your Other Social Media Platforms

Social sharing integration is a great way to link all your social media platforms and let your message travel further than ever. With a little tweaking, you can set most platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, to automatically tweet the posts and link through your Twitter page. This is great as Twitter is designed for regular updates, unlike Facebook where too many posts run the risk of irritating followers and appearing too ‘spam’ like.

It Is A Great Way To Add Value

To make sure your Twitter campaign is as effective as possible, make sure you carefully screen all your tweets for relevance before they go live. You can use Twitter to give your followers glimpses of what sort of properties you have listed and highlight any special features.  For example “loving the tub in this bathroom, perfect for bubbles, candlelight and champagne. See full listing here: #luxurytub #xyzlistings #bathroominteriordesign.”

As well as sharing business related information it is also important to establish an online personality and make your Twitter account relatable and relevant to your followers. Official Twitter research has shown that 85% of followers feel more connected with a brand after they follow them. Use this to your advantage!

Developing an understanding of your client base will help you develop relevant information that they are likely to respond to. If you usually sell detached homes and large apartments to families it may be in your best interest to tweet about local schools, kid’s events and neighborhood information. If you tend to sell smaller city apartments and one bedroom try focusing on things such as local restaurant reviews, music events and DIY ideas. If the featured business or organization re-tweets your post it will go to all of their followers as well!

Who should you follow for real estate marketing?

Once you have developed an understanding of your client base, you can chose followers that are relevant to their interests and begin to connect and interact with them. Local businesses and community organizations are a great place to start as the information will usually be local and therefore more relevant. You can then gauge an idea of what they are talking about and start to re-tweet or actively engage with their tweets.

How can hashtags help your real estate marketing?

Hashtags were developed as a way to group content and make searching for topics or ideas easy. It is a great way to make your real estate business available to the entire Twitter community. For example if you use #brooklynrealestate on one of your tweets it will then appear in the search results of anyone who is looking for that particular phrase. Making your hashtags relevant and topical is therefore a great way to drum up an increased following. Hashtags also have the tendency to ‘trend’ and go viral so if you can locate one that you can turn into relevant content for your audience, get it out there!

 Wrapping It All Up

Today, Twitter is a confirmed social media essential and a vital cog in any online marketing campaign. The platform has huge potential to help you promote your real estate business and connect with an audience that was never before possible. From using hashtags to make it easy for potential clients to find your postings, to offering space to push listing information, to offering a platform to connect and engage with customers and other real estate professionals, Twitter should be a part of your day-to-day operations.

Here at City Blast we are experts in all things Twitter so if you find yourself frozen at the thought of a 140 character limited, we have the knowledge and dedicated staff to help launch your Twitter campaign and turn it into an invaluable marketing tool. Speak to us to find out how we can help you connect.

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