How Top Real Estate Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results

Learn from the top pros and succeed.


Despite being among the top real estate agents and developers in the world, these real estate pros make the most of social media to market their business online. Your busy schedule as a real estate agent can be hard to reconcile with social media, which is why there are worthy lessons to be learnt from these leaders in the field. What are they doing with their social media that you could learn from?

Let’s have a look at three notable names in North America:

Barbara Corcoran, NYC

Barbara Corcoran is a former waitress who turned a $1,000 loan into a $4 billion real estate empire. Nicknamed ‘The Queen of New York Real Estate’, her success is one of those quintessential American success stories. Today she heads the board of The Corcoran Group and has become one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, investing her own money in new businesses.

Corcoran’s social media presence is equal to her success, over 102,000 Twitter followers and over 28,000 Facebook likes. Both of these feeds are updated daily and are primarily used to promote and discuss her ABC show and books as well as give out business advice. Most recently she praised a contestant on “Sharks” for their great use of social media to build the brand at no cost, leading her to back their project.

Brad J. Lamb, Toronto

Brad J. Lamb is a well-established figure in the Toronto real estate industry. He has his own reality TV show, Big City Broker on the HGTV network, and is widely regarded as an expert. Lamb started working in real estate in the late 1980s and set up his own firm, Brad J. Lamb Realty, in 1995. The firm is regarded as the most prominent seller of condominiums in Toronto. Lamb is famous for his rise to prominence via traditional, billboard advertising that focused on Lamb himself, including a 2007 campaign depicting a lamb with his face and the slogan ‘This Lamb Sells Condos’.

Having built a strong reputation via traditional media advertising, today Lamb has a growing online presence with over 5,000 Twitter followers and over 4,000 Facebook likes. His social media feeds offer a mixture of personal and business related updates. Twitter is updated daily, often multiple times a day, while Facebook is updated every few days. Business related updates include property offerings, opinions on market issues as well as promotion of his real estate company.

Madison Hildebrand, Malibu

Madison Hildebrand is a real estate broker who works for Coldwell Banker Real Estate and specializes in the Malibu, CA luxury market. Hildebrand rose to fame as a co-star of Bravo’s TV series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. He sold over $120 million in property before the age of 30, and has gone on to become an author and public speaker.

Hildebrand’s social media presence includes over 80,000 Twitter followers and over 28,000 Facebook likes. His social media feeds are updated daily and offer a mix of personal and business updates. He often shares business and market insights and advice alongside property listings while the more personal updates include a lot of pictures and inspiring quotes.

As you can see, these successful real estate agents make time daily for social media. Most importantly they balance their updates between professional and personal, using the former to reinforce their brand, expertise and to sell while the latter helps to add a more human dimension that people can empathize with. They also regularly engage in discussions with their fans and followers, another key element to building social media authority.

You too can achieve better marketing results with social media by following the leads of these top professionals, and it’s easier than you think.

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