How to Double Your Facebook Leads in 10 minutes a Day

You may remember reading one of our previous posts called How to Double Your Facebook Likes in 10 Minutes a Day.

You may remember reading one of our previous posts called How to Double Your Facebook Likes in 10 Minutes a Day. Hopefully by now your Facebook is positively teeming with fans that can’t wait to see what valuable content you’re going to post next! In follow up to that fabulous ‘how to’ we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that offers you incredible insight on how to double you Facebook leads in the same wonderfully short 10 minute timeslot. Businesses are becoming increasingly Facebook savvy with recent research conducted by The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report revealing that 52% of all marketers credited Facebook for generating leads in 2013.

So what are Facebook leads?

The definition varies between companies but generally speaking, a lead is a person who in some way expressed interest in your company via the issuing of information. This can be anything from a Facebook like, comment, share, completing an online survey, offering their email address or filling out an online form.

Why are they important?

Dedicating time to sourcing Facebook leads is extremely important as it is a form of actively marketing your real estate services and sourcing new clients.

Generating new Facebook leads can also be hugely beneficial to increasing your Facebook Edgerank. What’s this you ask? Edgerank is an intelligent algorithm developed by Facebook that dictates what appears on a person’s newsfeed and how far up. The final results are determined by a combination of Affinity (the relationship between the brand and the fan, i.e. how much interaction has occurred in the past), Weight (what relevant likes or comments exist on the post) and Time Decay (how long the post has been active). Therefore if you are actively engaging with your fans on a regular basis, receiving consistent likes/comments and posting frequent updates, your posts will skyrocket up the newsfeeds of your followers!

What can you do?

Here are 3 super quick tips that will get your Fanpage humming with activity in no time:

1. Set up your Facebook account to receive mobile like/comment notifications

Changing your Facebook account settings to receive instant updates directly to your mobile device is a great way to keep up to date around the clock. This way, no matter where you are or what you are doing you will always know who has been liking/commenting on your account and why. Simply click on the ‘settings’ tab:

Then flick your text and email notifications to ‘on’.

2. Answer promptly

Time is of the utmost essence when it comes to mastering the art of generating Facebook leads. As a digital social medium, people expect instant interaction and for every minute that you don’t respond to a fan, they begin to lose interest. That’s why setting up email and text notifications as well as checking your Facebook account regularly for other updates is absolutely paramount!

3. Tag your friends and followers

Tagging your Facebook fans in posts is a fantastic way to up your Facebook follower engagement. It will add immense value to your posts and see your message travel to all the friends of the tagged fan. Chances are other people in their friend group will be interested in your services and begin to interact with your account too.

If any of your followers have been actively engaging with your real estate profile on Facebook, take advantage of their interest and give them some recognition. Adding to the interaction with a question is a fool proof way to generate a response and make the Facebook conversation as dynamic as possible. For example, when you get a comment on a post from Sarah, you can tag Sarah in a reply to start a conversation with her. Just add @facebookusername. A comment to a post, in which you tag Sarah, such as ‘Hey Sarah are you guys thinking of moving soon? Would be happy to show you around!’  can start a dialogue with her. Best of all it’s incredibly simple to do! Just start to write in your comment box beneath your status update and as soon as you begin to mention a friend or fan a list of names will pop up. Select the Sarah you are referring to and voila – instant lead generation!

Wrapping It All Up

So there you have it. The complete guide to doubling your Facebook leads in just 10 minutes a day. By turning on your email/text notifications, regularly checking your account, promptly responding to engagement and tagging your followers you will empower yourself with the skills to source a dynamic and ever increasing list of potential clients for your real estate business.

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