How to Delight Your Negative Commenters into Clients

Do you know how to flip negative comments into profit?


“This agent is terrible. Would not recommend.”

It’s that sinking feeling you get when you see a bad review.

No matter how nasty, I think most of us can deal with negative comments in email form or on the phone. What really sucks is when it’s public on social media.

That Facebook page you’ve been working on to build your brand… suddenly shot down with that one comment.

What are people going to think of me now? 

But you know what?

Whether it’s a bad comment or a bad review, there’s a way to bounce back.

This commenter is simply a lead that you need to save, and they’ve given you the chance to impress them… with your whole friends list as your audience.

And that translates to an amazing opportunity to highlight your strengths.

Handle it well and you not only strengthen your brand, but you might even be able to delight that commenter (plus your onlookers) into a client.

So some time ago, we wrote a post on why you need to respond quickly on social media (which I’d encourage you to read first if you haven’t already). And today, we’re giving you the exact scripts you’ll need to combat those negative comments right away.

The Negative Agent Review

You come back from a long day, sit down at your computer, and pop open Facebook. This one-star review hits you in the face:

“I had an awful experience with this agent. Sorry, but I have no good things to say.”

Your move: “Hi [their name], I’m so sorry to hear that. I always work to make my clients happy, but I’m afraid that hasn’t been the case here. I’d love to chat and get some feedback about your experience, and find out where I can improve!”

The Breakdown

“I’m so sorry to hear that” acknowledges and apologizes for the situation. You come across as humble and receptive to criticism. The last thing you want to do is deny it and look arrogant.

“I always work to make my clients happy” tells people this isn’t a regular pattern. This negative experience is just one exception to your streak of otherwise excellent service.

“I’d love to chat and get some feedback” says that you appreciate what they have to say, and shows that you’re dedicated to improving your brand.

The Negative Article Comment

Let’s say… you posted a “Tips for Clients” article about renovating front porches. And this one person’s just not impressed:

“My porch looks way better than any of those duds.”

Your move: “No kidding? You’ve probably really got a handle on your curb appeal. Share your secrets?”

The Breakdown

“You’ve probably got a handle on your curb appeal” compliments the commenter and steers the conversation to selling.

“Share your secrets?” People love being experts. By inviting their opinion, you’re both building this relationship and getting more tips for everyone to see.

The Negative Listing Comment

You’ve found a listing in a nearby neighborhood that you think some of your friends will be interested in. You post it, and then this shows up:

“This neighborhood is so expensive!”

Your move: “Pretty amazing, right? I’m expecting its value to keep appreciating! By the way, have you considered this neighborhood?”

The Breakdown

“Pretty amazing, right?” You just flipped the negativity into a positive selling point.

“I’m expecting its value to keep appreciating!” While this commenter might not care, others definitely will. An appreciating property shouts great resell value.

“Have you considered this neighborhood?” Why are they commenting on your listing in the first place? Are they scoping out potential homes? This is your opportunity to nurture that lead and show them more properties.

Best Practices to Remember

  1. Always respond. Maximize positive comments! And flip those negative comments with the techniques we’ve just looked at.
  2. Solicit positive reviews
  3. Don’t take it personally. The larger your online presence, the more negative comments you’re probably going to get. Don’t sweat it.
  4. Keep it brief. Whatever you do, don’t drag anything out too long. If anything, move your conversation to a personal message.

Looking for more tips on interacting with clients and comments on social media? Check out this guide from GrooveHQ.

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Wrapping It All Up…

It’s not the end of the world when you receive a negative comment or review. So take a deep breath, and take charge of the situation.

Treat your bad comments right, and you can build your brand stronger.

Take that a step further, use these tips, and turn those unbelievers into trusted clients.

Now tell us,

What are your secrets to responding to negative comments?

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