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This category is meant to grab your audience’s attention. It often has a celebrity focus to it, mainly on celebrity homes. As well, it features trending, noteworthy industry articles that will garner more shares through your social media pages. Watch your brand recognition grow as your audience shares, likes & comments on the ‘Bold & Buzzworthy’ content you are providing to them. Your social media expert will curate only the most bold and buzzworthy articles and celebrity news for your pages.

The benefits of choosing the ‘Bold & Buzzworthy’ category is that you gain more shares and more shares equals greater reach and visibility. As well, your audience is more likely to comment on these posts, which gives you, or your social media expert, the opportunity to engage with your audience. These posts keep your audience entertained while they make decisions throughout the home buying process. It adds some light heartedness to the, sometimes, exhausting task of purchasing a home. These buzzworthy articles also appeal to the homebuyer who has a “celebrity” home budget. These types of clients want a home with status, so articles that feature celebrity homes can grab the attention of that luxury homebuyer you want. In general, everybody loves an exciting, attention grabbing headline and your audience will too.

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