Your Go-To Guide On Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting 101.

How many people do you actually need to contact before you get a lead?

This is the question that plagues most inexperienced real estate agents. Keeping your expectations realistic and not getting discouraged if you don’t get a “yes” every time are huge parts of creating a network of leads that can bring your business.

Unlock circle prospecting.

As the brilliant Loida Velasquez points out, circle prospecting can be a very effective way to get more leads and find people who are serious about getting into the market. Check out her video to learn how she does it by:

  • Working in neighborhoods where they’ve recently sold a home.
  • Where they just listed a home.
  • Or if they’re working with a buyer in a neighborhood with low inventory, she will cold call that area.

Your network will reach a whole new level.

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