How To Get More Listing Offers And Dominate Your Market

Watch The Offers Roll In.

In a hot market, the offers a great listing usually come in a hurry. But the truly great Realtors® know how to get that result no matter what.

In real estate, the name of the game is preparation. Where a lot of agents (both new and experienced) can sometimes not do all the prep work necessary to optimize their efforts. If you prepare yourself, your listing, and your client correctly, the results should speak for themselves.

Get the most out of your marketing.

The great Loida Velasquez breaks down exactly how she got an incredible 15 offers on one of her listings in just TWO DAYS. There’s no reason you can’t get more listing offers if you do some of the following:

  • Price it right
  • Make sure it shows well
  • Spread the word

That first tip proves to be the most important!

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