Gary Gold: Why trusting your gut is critical in real estate

Here's why you should trust your "second brain".

As a real estate agent, what is your most powerful tool? While knowledge, training and resources are important, your intuition – or your gut – might be the most valuable.

Trusting your gut is about so much more than just a feeling.

This is where your training will come in handy as well. You might get a particular instinct about a client or  deal, but it’s also your job to match that to what you already know.

Think of your gut like a second brain.

It will be important to take conversations with your client and  understand when it might be going good or bad. Try to pick up on different social cues quickly so you can focus on the outcomes that will be most lucrative for you.

Luxury real estate expert Gary Gold breaks down just how you can use your intuition to your advantage.

At 1 minute in, it all starts to come together!

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