Gain Authority Faster With Social Media

Ready to turbo-charge your real estate authority? Get the job done faster with Social Media.


It’s no secret that companies and businesses, including real estate agents, need to be an authority in their field in order to build traffic and increase engagement with customers online. If you have ever looked into becoming an authority blogger you will have noticed the amount of elbow grease it takes to get an authority blog or website up and running. The problem is that you’re a busy real estate agent who needs results now. You don’t have the time to become a web developer when you are out there selling homes.

What you may not realize is that there is an easier and faster way to build your authority online sitting right in front of you. Did you know that if you use social media to develop your authority rather than blogging, you will see results 10 times faster? It’s true, and we’re going to prove it to you.

Here are 9 reasons why social media is better and faster than blogging to build online authority:

1. Built-in Audience

First of all you already have friends and followers on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Meaning you already have access to a built-in audience, one willing to listen to you and engage with you.

2. It’s Less Disruptive

Social media authority building is less disruptive. People already go to Facebook on a regular basis, often every hour, and they don’t like to leave. Instead of trying to force people to go to your blog, go to where they are instead (hint: it’s Facebook)

“Facebook has more than 1 billion registered users and 618 million daily active users, with those totals continuing to grow.” –

3. It Takes Less Time

How about that time aspect? Most experts agree that writing an effective blog takes up to 2 hours. Updating your social media consistently, and even multiple times per day, takes a fraction of the time.

4. No Technical Expertise Required

Do you know HTML. How about CSS? How much do you know about server maintenance? To maintain a blog effectively requires a considerable amount of time and technical expertise. This is something that most of us do not have. Updating social profiles take seconds and requires little to no technical expertise.

5. Built-in SEO

A blog needs SEO to manage organic traffic. Your social media platforms don’t need SEO as it is built in to each system already.

6. The Conversation is 2 Way

Social media platforms are built for a two-way conversation and customer engagement. When you post on Facebook, for example, customers are ready to engage with you, simply due to the nature of the platform.

“Consumers have an endless number of choices in today’s markets, so brands use two-way conversation to get their attention, engage with and learn about them and personalize the online experience.” – Mashable

7. It’s Purpose Built to be Viral

Social media platforms are designed for ease of sharing, one of their strongest points. This means that if one of your posts or updates resonates, people will share it in seconds with the simple click of a button.

8. RSS is Dead

It used to be the case that RSS was king, because people would happily subscribe to feeds. But feeds are dying out – as evidenced recently when Google turned off their own feed manager, Google Reader – and people are simply happier adding people on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to follow information.

“When I started using Tweetdeck, I dedicated a column to the people who consistently posted the stories, videos, and other links on Twitter that I found most interesting. After several weeks, I realized I was logging into Google Reader less and less frequently.” –

9. You Can Still Curate Your Content

Social media allows you to reference other sites and sources with ease. Referencing other material on social media is not only okay, it’s encouraged. This means you can easily build your authority by highlighting and sharing posts from top publications.

Too Busy To Manage Your Fan Page?

The basic message here is that creating and maintaining an authority blog requires not only a huge amount of effort but a substantial amount of time as well. Social media allows you to create an online authority quickly and easily and make it as (if not more) effective than blogging.

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