3 Steps To Focus On Your Productivity And Reach Your Real Estate Goals

Make 2019 your most productive year.

2019 is off to a fast start, isn’t it? Have you been keeping up with your plan to succeed?

Once you hit February, most people’s new year’s resolutions have faded. But the real key to success is to not think of your goal as a resolution, but a lifestyle. The same can be said for success in general. The key thing to remember with that is to not just seem “busy” but have a real focus on living a productive lifestyle.

Go in with a plan.

Having a plan may seem obvious and a little too simple, but it’s really about what your plan focuses on. This excellent article from inman.com points out that having your plan focus on your productivity as opposed to “staying busy” can go a long way. There are 3 main steps you’ll need in that plan:

  1. Create a strategy
  2. Implement tactics
  3. Seek accountability

The last point is the big one most people forget!

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