Facebook Posts for Realtors: 5 Topics Your Friends Will Love

Are you posting content from these must-have categories?

You’re sitting at your computer.

It’s time for some social media marketing on Facebook — the morning routine.

Your fingers are poised, still, above the keys. What to post today? It’s the question you always struggle with. Another link to my website? Another listing? You wonder if anyone actually enjoys your posts…

Sound familiar?

Well, the trick to Facebook posts for realtors is posting content that provides value to your audience. Instead of just making Facebook posts about yourself, if you post articles, videos, and other content that benefits your audience, that’s how you’re going to get people interested in you.

So what are some must-have Facebook posts for realtors? Here are 5 you don’t want to miss:

1. Beautiful Homes & Gardens


If you see something like “10 Stunning Seaside Villas in Italy” pop up on your Facebook newsfeed, how are you not going to click it? Beautiful Homes & Gardens is a topic that works especially well because it’s full of, well, beautiful pictures. And people love scrolling through pictures (a lot more than words!).

Why your friends will love it: 

  • It’s entertaining. Truly beautiful homes are somewhat out of the ordinary, and it’s fun imagining yourself living some place like that
  • It can be a source of inspiration for home designers

Try browsing DesignMilk and DwellingGawker to find some amazing content for this category.

2. Tips & Guides for Clients


This is how you make yourself the helpful real estate professional. These are the fun Pinterest DIY projects that increase the value of homes, and the gardening guides on how to increase curb-appeal. By sharing these, you’re giving tips and tricks, while keeping “buying and selling” at the top of their minds.

Why your friends will love it: 

  • It’s informative, interesting, and practical for them
  • Guides give advice on what you should do and how to go about doing it

Apartment Therapy and HGTV.com are great places to find these tips and guides.

3. Real Estate Technology


Smart phones, smart TVs and now smart homes. This is the age of digital and tech, and you definitely want to be posting stuff on Real Estate Technology. When you post articles on the newest gadgets, you’re showing yourself as the cutting-edge real estate professional, who’s always on top of everything current. And that includes real estate too.

Why your friends will love it: 

  • You’re sharing new tools and technologies with your friends that they’ve never heard of before
  • Even if they don’t want to use the tech, it’s still (plain and simply) really interesting to know about

Inman News has a brilliant real estate technology section (that’d be useful for you too, Facebook posts aside). Blogs like WIRED and TechRadar are also indispensable resources for all things tech.

4. Real Estate News


This is where your real estate expertise really shines. Your friend George on Facebook may hear about home tech or occasionally dabble in home reno projects, but he’s not going to know anything about current real estate trends or whether or not now is a good time to be buying or selling.

But you do. And if George is considering buying or selling, this is information he’d love to hear about.

Why your friends will love it: 

  • It’s industry information they wouldn’t otherwise know where to seek out
  • Allows them to educate themselves about the current market

The Real Daily and RealtorMag will be your go-tos for this. In terms of local real estate news, most local newspapers have real estate sections, so that’d be a great place to start.

5. Local Listings


Your listings are definitely one of the must-have Facebook posts for realtors. It’s posting listings that sets you apart from the average Joe who just happens to be super interested in real estate.

Now, a top tip is to post not just your own listings but listings from other agents too. You’re showing your friends that you have a treasure trove of listings and resources in your arsenal, if ever they’re interested.

Why your friends will love it: 

  • They can gleam the potential value of their home from similar listings in their area
  • If they’re looking to buy, you’re handing them exactly what they’re looking for!

Remember, you can always call up an agent from your brokerage and ask if you can post their listing on your social media. It’s more coverage for them, and more content for you.

Wrapping It All Up

These are the content categories that make the best Facebook posts for realtors. They’re interesting and fun — and that means they provide value for your audience, as well as branding and marketing opportunities for you.

And quick tip, if you don’t feel like you want to browse through all those sites everyday, most of those sites offer subscriptions, so you can get a daily email about new content. Takes all the searching out of it.

Tell us,

Agree or disagree? What do you think are must-have types of Facebook posts for realtors?

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