Do You Want to Attract International Clients?

Pick ‘News Around the Web’ today


You’ve probably seen the category ‘News Around the Web’ and wondered what the category had to offer your brand. We have the answers here, so keep reading!

Sure, you keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news from your area, but what’s going on in the rest of the world? This real estate-focused category features the latest news from around the world. Your social media expert will source articles from the top world news websites and share them with your followers. This shows that you have an interest in international affairs and can handle international clients looking for homes in your area.

How does this attract international clients and boost your brand reach? By staying up to date on world news and sharing this with your audience you will position yourself as knowledgeable in worldly affairs. When an international client is searching for homes in your area and they find your profile they will appreciate the fact that you have your finger on the pulse internationally. It will also provide your current clients with some insights into international markets and may help with their purchasing or selling decisions. In general, this category helps showcase that you are a well-rounded real estate agent who is interested not only locally but globally as well.

Start attracting international clients by choosing the category ‘News Around the Web’ today!

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