Do It In Public. Your Facebook Posting, That Is

Public posts let you turn your personal Facebook page into an important marketing tool.

Do It In Public

Your personal Facebook page has a number of privacy settings. You can choose to make all of your posts visible to the public, completely invisible, or somewhere in between. But which option should you select?

Making your personal page invisible may be tempting but making some – if not all – of your posts public can turbocharge your marketing efforts. Here’s why:

1. Avoid Blank Pages

If all of your posts are private, Facebook users who look up your profile or are linked to it will see little more than your name. This is a missed opportunity. A full and vibrant personal profile, according to Social Media Examiner’s Katie Lance, allows you to “leverage the activities in your personal profile to benefit your business and build relationships with current and past customers.”

2. Get The Hashtag Effect

Posts that are set to public show up as search results on Facebook. A public post with a hashtag (a word or phrase preceded by the #symbol) can easily be found by other users who click on or search for that hashtag. This, according to Socialbakers, allows you to show up as a search result for “trending topics related to your industry.” That’s why Time’s Victor Luckerson advises that  “if the topics are relevant to your brand, [you should] consider joining the conversation or providing a useful link.”

3. Dominate Graph Search Results

Hashtags aren’t the only search result advantage that public posts provide. Public posts show up as search results in Facebook’s Graph Search. As Social Media Examiner’s Christian Karasiewicz explains, business and consumers “use Facebook Graph Search to perform focused searches that will return better, more accurate search results.” Making your posts publicly visible positions you as the answer to your potential customers’ questions.

4. Make More Friends

In addition to expanding your social reach through search results, public posts help you grow the audience on your personal page. As Gizmodo’s David Nield explains:

“If there’s a long-lost cousin or a new acquaintance desperately trying to find you on Facebook, then having your whole profile locked down isn’t going to be very helpful.”

Your posts should reflect who you are and, if they are made public, they will make it easy for friends to find you. If you need help creating posts that reflect your professional skills and interest, why not talk to one of CityBlast’s social experts?

5. Allow Followers

While it’s in your interest to have a large number of Facebook friends, it’s understandable that you may not want to befriend the entire Internet. Luckily, Facebook allows you to enable followers to your personal page. This, according to Kissmetrics is the perfect compromise:

“The benefit of allowing people to subscribe to your profile is that they can see your public status updates without actually connecting as a friend. Just check your privacy settings on anything that you want to share with friends only like your photo albums.”

By making most of your post public but restricting access to more sensitive posts, you can reap all the benefits of public posts without any privacy drawbacks.

Wrapping It All Up

Public posts are an amazing opportunity to turn your personal Facebook page into a marketing machine! They allow you to maximize your search results, connect with new friends, and appeal to followers without sacrificing your privacy. You therefore should not miss out on the advantages of a public post!

Do you now recognize the importance of public posts but need help making sure that your posts are perfect? You should definitely talk to one of CityBlast’s social experts! Our specialists will ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are regularly updated with engaging content. Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial NOW!

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