6 Keys To Building The Perfect Daily Schedule For Real Estate In 2019

Build your business around the perfect schedule.

As Realtors® we can have a lot of ground to cover, which sometimes means we can let a task or habit fall through the cracks.

The best way to combat distraction and productivity killers is to have a plan. Some of the most successful people in the world have a daily routine that they religiously follow in order to maintain their daily to-dos and ensure they’re building good habits while getting as much done as possible.

Create a schedule that works for you.

There are tons of people (especially in the new year), who create a daily schedule. But as with any other new year’s resolution, it can be hard to create a plan and actually stick with it. As real estate coach, Loida Velasquez says, the real key is identifying your key tasks and ensuring you set aside time for them each and every day. Some of the key tasks she recommends focusing on are:

  1. Roleplay
  2. Prospecting
  3. Appointments
  4. Admin work
  5. Follow up
  6. More prospecting

Find the pattern that works best for you!

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