10 Ingenius Ideas For Real Estate Video Marketing

Create engaging content.

Video content is a no-brainer these days.

Studies have shown that video content not only gets much more engagement with online browsers, but it also gives people some insight into you as a person and a professional. Most people run into a couple of problems: being camera shy, and just running out of ideas. Being camera shy is something you can get over with practice, simply keep doing it and you’ll start to get more comfortable. But when you don’t know what to talk about is when you start having a problem. The real trick to constantly upload creative and engaging content.

You’re already an expert, just put that on display.

So many agents network in person on a daily basis. It’s really just the same thing with video marketing. The things you would speak to someone about in a coffee shop are the same things you should use for your video content. If you’re still short on ideas, Think Media has come up with 10 incredibly creative video marketing topics to choose from that will give you lots to talk about for years to come. A few you can start with are:

  1. Video Testimonials
  2. Tips
  3. Market Updates
  4. Local Business Reviews
  5. Go Live

The 6th tip might just be the best one!

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