Control and collaborate: Dominate social media in less time with CityBlast’s all-new Content Calendar

Social media scheduling made easy.

Top Benefits

  • CityBlast’s all-new Content Calendar gives agents the ability to create, schedule and analyze posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • The DIY Content Calendar is integrated with CityBlast’s Branded Bar. When a fan clicks open an agent’s scheduled social media posts, they are retargeted with a seller-focused, automated leaderboard ad
  • The Content Calendar and Branded Bar are bundled together for just $9.99 a month, allowing agents to take full control of their social media and draw in engagement from online fans and followers

When it comes to crafting the perfect social media strategy, experts agree that the most effective marketers have one thing in common: they leverage a content calendar to schedule their posts in advance.

Why should real estate agents follow suit?

By pre-scheduling posts, agents are able to:

CityBlast, the leader in social media management for the real estate industry, just launched their new Content Calendar, a solution that allows real estate agents to take control of their social posting in mere minutes.


Introducing: The All-New Content Calendar from CityBlast

The all-new Content Calendar gives agents one digital hub where they can schedule, publish and analyze posts destined for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whether agents are busy converting leads or closing deals, they’ll know their online engagement is taken care of.

Two exciting ways to take advantage of the Content Calendar

  1. Agents who use CityBlast to manage their social media will receive the calendar free of charge. The calendar will replace the home screen on the CityBlast dashboard, allowing agents to collaborate with their Social Experts on every hand-picked post.
  1. Agents who manage their own social media can purchase the Content Calendar scheduling tool, along with CityBlast’s much-loved Branded Bar, for just $9.99 per month. Together, these tools allow agents to schedule out their social media in advance while drawing in new leads via branded online seller offers.

What CityBlast Users Will Love About the Content Calendar

Now, when they log into CityBlast, agents will have access to a Content Calendar showing two weeks of pre-scheduled posts. In just a few clicks or taps, agent can review, edit or approve the content and even request that their personal Social Expert give them more content on a specific day or on a specific topic.

The Content Calendar gives agents full control over their posts — and an easier way to collaborate with the Social Experts who hand-pick their content.

Calendar1     Calendar2

How it works

Once logged in, agents can click on any post in the Content Calendar to:

  • Review or edit the headline, content and URL
  • Reschedule the post for a later day via drag-and-drop
  • Reject the post or request a new one from their Social Expert
  • Remove the post but save it for later use
  • Review stats for posts that have already gone live

Plus, in just a few clicks, agents can:

  • Add and schedule a post (or multiple posts) about a new listing
  • Add a post about a special event or local content they’d like to highlight


Why do agents get two weeks of posts in advance?

While some agents like to log in each day to see their CityBlast posts, others prefer to “set and forget” their social media. The Content Calendar gives any agent, regardless of their preference, the flexibility to use CityBlast in a way that works best for them.

Plus, a ton of our agents love to add in their own content, but they don’t want to interrupt the posts pre-planned by their Social Experts. By pre-scheduling posts, agents can find optimal times to promote their listings or other local news they want to share.

Does the Content Calendar work on mobile?

The Content Calendar doesn’t just work on mobile, it was designed for mobile. More than 80% of CityBlast users log in via our mobile site, so our developers worked to ensure that it was as easy to schedule, approve, reject and edit a post on our platform as it is on Facebook or Twitter.

Does the Content Calendar cost extra?

Absolutely not! This new feature is free for all agents who have hired CityBlast to manage their social media, and existing users won’t see any change in their payments. If you’re not a current CityBlast user, you can buy the Content Calendar and Branded Bar for just $9.99 a month.

Manage your own social media? We can help you, too!

If you manage your own social posting, but wish you had a better way to schedule posts and draw in potential buyers and sellers via Facebook or Twitter, consider this special offer. For just $9.99, you can leverage the full capabilities of the Content Calendar and our lead-generating product, the Branded Bar.

For just $9.99, you’ll get:

  • The ability to create and pre-schedule posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  • The Branded Bar: Targeted lead-gen offers aimed at fans who clicks on your social media posts
  • Deep, easy-to-understand analytics on every post you make to every channel

What exactly is the Branded Bar?

CityBlast users love the Branded Bar, which automatically re-targets social media fans with a branded leaderboard ad and lead capture offer any time the fan opens an agent’s social media post.

The Content Calendar works seamlessly with the Branded Bar. So after an agent schedules a post via the Content Calendar, any fan who clicks to open that post will be retargeted with a branded, seller-focused offer. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to capture the names and information of potential leads who are engaging with your content.

Want to know more?

We’d love to show you how the Content Calendar will work for you. Reach out today for a free, no-pressure demo.

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