The Secret To Successful Cold Calling In Real Estate

Get more leads with calls.

Cold calling: does it really work?

The marketing landscape has certainly changed over the years. There are so many marketing options it can get a little overwhelming. Do you prefer door-knocking or would you rather pay for Facebook ads? There’s no wrong answer, but sometimes the classics work best. Many people say that nowadays cold calling is dead, but if you listen to real estate agents who have had success with it, you’ll find that it is very much alive.

It’s all about consistency.

If you’ve tried and failed at cold calling, try real estate coach Loida Velasquez’s approach and see how she still uses this strategy successfully in 2018. She likens it to going to the gym. You can’t go for a couple of weeks and expect to see results, it’s your consistent commitment over time that earns you the results you’re looking for.

Check out the 1:53 mark to see how she’s made cold calling work for her.

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