4 Genius Ways To Build A Great Client Relationship

Build better client relationships.

Sometimes the way we look at the world make a big impact on our business.

We all know that real estate is a client relationship-based business, so it’s important that you practice your business with that in mind.

Treat your clients as people, not leads.

When you have people in your database, don’t think of them as someone you’re trying to sell to, think of them as someone you’re building a  client relationship with. The brilliant coach Tom Ferry breaks down 4 ways you can reach out to your database daily and connect with them on a personal level. He says you should:

  1. Call people on their birthday
  2. Call everyone in your database 4 times per year
  3. Invite them to stuff
  4. Every 90 days send your database a text or “memail”

Number 3 can be super helpful for building a client relationship!

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